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LoansToday 24/7 (US)

For short term borrowing needs, the payday loan product allows consumers to receive a loan from $100-$1,000 USD, which is usually repaid within 30 days from the loan origination date. 

OppLoans (US)

Opploans has gained a reputation for being highly trusted and respected after receiving many positive reviews. They are fast and normally feature very competitve interest rates. 

Fast Easy Payday Loans

It is inevitably true that everyone is faced with financial problems. There might be some unexpected delay when it comes to receiving your money or simply, you have run out of cash and badly needs a way out. Whether you expect it or not, such financial mishaps can be very troublesome. It can really destroy your reputation when you fail to pay your bills on time. As a result, you may resort to submitting bounced checks to pay your debts even when you do not want to. There are some instances when you need money for emergency reasons and you do not know where to get money.Knowing the great need for money, how can we actually get money in times of need? A financial remedy is proven to solve your problems- in the form of easy payday loans. Getting away with all money problems or missing payments can be done by choosing the perfect company that offers easy and cheaper payday loans.

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Our experts at have taken the fuss out of going through loans and constantly being rejected, therefore we've carefully selected a wide range of trusted, easy loans for everyone!

Direct Payday Lenders - Highest acceptance payday loan

If you need to find a direct payday loan lender then you've found the best place to look. We offer a vast array of direct lenders ready to serve you with all of your financial needs. These lenders are available to help you with finances when you have unexpectedly come into debt. They can dispense anywhere from 500 to 1500 dollars/ pounds electronically into your bank account within 24 hours or the next business day.


There are some things that you need to remember when trying to locate one of the lenders available to you online:

  • Be sure that the lender you have selected also offers direct payday loans
  • Make sure that the lender you have chosen openly lists their fees and charges on their website. Most states do require them to do so.
  • It is wise to check with the Better Business Bureau as well so as to find out if the lender that you have chosen has any complaints filed against them.
  • There are many online forums where you can visit and see a complete list of lenders and consumer reviews about them.

Payday Loans Guaranteed Approval

The guaranteed payday loan is one of the biggest hypes of the moment and many of us employ its help whenever faced with an insurmountable personal economic crisis. Widely advocated as momentarily financial relief while spoken down as constant money granting solution, the payday loans have earned their well-deserved place among the major loan services. The reason no other generic type of loan can even begin to compare with their level of convenience resides, among others, in the fact that payday lenders are completely capable of maintaining their business while lending money to high-risk customers.

Therefore, the payday loans have in time been granted the title of guaranteed payday loans. That simple adjective in front of the formerly nonspecific loan has conveyed its widespread popularity and has done it an immense service in raising awareness about it. However, while this article does sustain the fact that the acceptance rate is quite extensive and fairly little needs to be done in order to be eligible, it is not accurate for each and every lender that boasts it. In all fairness, the eligibility criteria do imply one or two aspects such as having a workplace and the legal age added to the banking account.

However, the payday loan guaranteed acceptance can be true for lenders who specialized in certain cases such as the unemployed, self-employed or particularly those who do not own a bank account. It is also true that the specialized payday lenders are no rare birds and one can easily gain access to them but should be aware of the slightly higher fees. The “guaranteed” feature stands rather as a reminder that no credit or other forms of verifications will be performed on the side of the lender, which is more than could be said about conventional loans.

The clear advantage resides with the payday loans guaranteed no fax capabilities considering that the characteristics of these unsecured easy payday loans would deem faxing any type of legal documents obsolete. As you can see, they are not only a blessing for those with rather low FICO scores but also to those who are in a hurry or simply have no access to a faxing machine. In the second case, it would be rather inconvenient and expensive to drive all the way to the official branch of a company that can provide faxing. Therefore, the expediency at which the payday loans can be attained is a rather impressive feat.

1 Hour Payday Loans

Do you remember a time in your life when you needed cash fast and there was nowhere else to run to? Most people can relate to this since it is something that is not impossible to happen in our lives. Perhaps you came across a car problem or a bill that you have forgotten to pay. There are just so many things that can go wrong and that will require you to get payday loans in one hour.

It is very fortunate that you can get 1-hour loans no credit check assistance today. The fact is that when you need cash, you need it fast and this is when these loans come in to play. You might not have the time to go through a long application process to borrow money from a bank so it is really handy to have these 1-hour payday loans at your disposal. These are loans that are available even for people who do not make that much money every month. The only criterion is that you have a job and that it pays you regularly.

These one-hour payday loans can give you between 1000 – 1500 dollars depending on which lender you go for. If you are curious as to how to find a good payday lender, you should consider going on the Internet and trying to find one online. This is very easy since there are plenty of websites that specialize in this.

If you wish to get your 1-hour payday loan via a local neighborhood provider, you should see to it that this lender will be able to get you the cash advance on the same day. This might be the best thing you can do if you are really strapped for cash and you are not sure about how the online process works just yet. You might be hard-pressed to find an online lender and end up with a bad deal if you are not careful.

The fact is that there are very few payday lenders online who will not be able to give you your cash requirement on the same day. After you have sent in the application via their website and they have reviewed and approved it, you should be able to see the cash in your nominated bank account by the next day. If you apply for a loan very early on in the day, this can get approval after an hour and you will have the money by the afternoon.

Applying for these easy payday loans online is so convenient. You also enjoy the privacy of being able to do this within your own house so you do not have to worry about being embarrassed to have someone see you borrowing money. Credit scores are also not a factor since, as mentioned, the only criterion is that you have a steady job.

The online lender will not ask you for any documentation. They will simply call you via telephone or call your employer to verify that you are indeed working for them. They will want to make sure that you have been with that company for the past six months at the very least. As you can see, the requirements are not that strict at all and they do have the utmost respect for your privacy. Most of these websites have privacy settings to protect the sensitive information that you send in through them.

These cash advance loans are there to assist you during times when you need cash right away. One thing that you should always remember is that you should only borrow enough to take care of what you need since borrowing this way subjects you to larger interest rates. Should you be tempted to borrow a greater amount compared to what you require, you might spell trouble for yourself in the future. You also have to make sure that you pay back these loans when you are supposed to since the penalties for not doing so might cause you a lot.

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